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Yo! Touch Man! Nice Weather!
The Dynamic Duo
Ipod format videos 
7th-Jan-2008 07:29 pm
 This will serve as a master list for all the ipod videos that i'm gonna post. In the future, I will only update it in here. You're welcome to take them, and if you have any request, feel free to ask. 

Chae Yeon
 ♥ Han Saram [Mega]
 ♥ My Love [Mega]

Epik High
♣ Fan [Mega]

Super Junior
♦ Heechul - Don't say goodbye [Mega
♦ HeeChul OX pref w-X-Mas [
♦ Don't Don MV [

◘ Leessang - Ballerino ft. Heechul & GeunSuk [Mega]
◘ Magolpy - Bi Haeng So Nyo [Mega]
◘ MC Mong ft kim taewoo - i love you , oh thank you MV [Mega]
◘ Baek Ji Young - Sarang An Hae MV ft. Jung Da Bin [RIP] [Mega]
◘ Seo In Young - I Want You MV [Mega]
◘ Shinhwa - How Do I Say MV [Mega]
◘ SS501 - Coward MV [Mega]
◘ SS501 -  Deja Vu [MF]

note: there will be more, just that I del them of my labtop and it takes long to upload it. x_x 

8th-Mar-2008 04:20 am (UTC)
yay thank you!
I took a couple of these ^^
9th-Mar-2008 10:23 am (UTC)
gladly ^_~
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