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Yo! Touch Man! Nice Weather!
The Dynamic Duo
Big Bang - How Gee mv 
4th-Jan-2008 02:41 am
Chae Yeon sexay

I love this mv, it's so ghetto .. LOL...

the first part with SeungRi & Young Bae is so funny.. LMAO

This is in ipod format since I think most people will have ways to dl the mv in its regular format.. so yeah..


8th-Jan-2008 04:57 am (UTC)
I know.. it was sooo much fun back then..
i really like gambling with my friends, you know how ppl get together and play "tien len"?
that's like my favorite thing to do
just having fun, betting on money.
it sucks over here
people just out doing their own things.

I have like NO close relatives in Vietnam
everyone from my mom and dad's side are all here.
my dad's side all live in california
we were gonna live there too
but because there's so many vietnamese people living there
it's just too overwhelming
so we move to florida after staying in cali for 4 months.

people back then had too many kids
you know in vn whenever you go, you'll see a board says

"Dù gái hay trai, chỉ 2 là đủ"

so now ppl only had like 2 kids.
but back then. they had enough kids to make a soccer team
8th-Jan-2008 08:00 am (UTC)
hahha.. yeah, tien len, one of my fav things to play too.. LOL..
we play bầu cua too, funnie.. hehe..and an bánh tét.. keke

we're the opposite then, most of my relatives are in VN. I live in CA too.. Sacramento... I guess it's not too crowded where I live. The most crowded places are usually San Jose, LA, San Diego. It's getting crowded now where I live I guess. But our family always live away from the most crowded place of town. Where we live there aren't many Viet, in fact, there are only couple families that we know of. It's a good thing I guess... hehe..

hahah, yeah, 2 is enough..'cause VN, we're not really a rich country or anything, so if you have too many kids, you won't have enough to feed them. sad!!!
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