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Yo! Touch Man! Nice Weather!
The Dynamic Duo
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29th-Sep-2007 01:27 pm - Ringtones
Chae Yeon sexay
My first batch XD ... Don't Don & Missing U

I don't cut these solely solos, so the singing are either pair or more than two person. 

Links are Mediafire & Megaupload. XD. If anyone needs it in other source tell me.

& also, if your cellphone doesn't support .mp3, tells me, I'll be happy to convert them for you if needed.

As always, Enjoy & Comments if taking. XD

Join our comm for future update on other goodies. ^^

24th-Sep-2007 11:26 pm - Homeroom 911; Prologue
Story by; Nueng (SHINBATANG7EN)

Graphic by; Van ( NGOC VAN)

21st-Sep-2007 04:06 pm - Super Junior - 2nd album icons
Yeah, i got hype up about the mv and did some icons. LOL.

There will be another batch of gif coming .. but not sure when, since i haven't start resizing and stuffs.

Probably next week since I seriouslly need to go and do my homeworks instead of doing this. HW suck !!!

I'm just gonna post this up so I can focus on my homework.. haha.. otherwise.

As aways, enjoy & comment. Hope that you guys like it. XD

I'll try to update, hopefully soon. !!!



and yeh, Henry deserves an icon too.. LOL

20th-Sep-2007 09:15 pm - Music Post: Feature Song
Chae Yeon sexay

blank post?? LOL.. stuffs have been deleted

13th-Sep-2007 07:49 pm - DBSK Shine icons
Chae Yeon sexay
[21] DBSK icons from Shine MV... yeah yeah.. :D

ummm.. enjoy & comment. :D

join the comm for further update from me.. hehe.. :D



3rd-Sep-2007 06:07 pm - OMG. IT'S VAN'S SPAMMING TIME.
Chae Yeon sexay

These aren't very good but do enjoy & comment. Credit if take out.

btw: I'm sorry...there are lotsssss of icons so it might take a little while to load. Sorry about the spam. 

Note: You guys are free to take any BUT EunHyuk's. Those are made for a friend. Sorry.

I'm really sorry for x-posting this everywhere..

[2] AJ from Paran
[15] DongWan
[4] Minwoo
[4] Hyesung
[19] Big Bang
[20] Chae Yeon
[7] ChangMin
[1] JaeJoong
[5] Son Ho Young
[7] F.T.Island
[5] Kan Mi Yeon
[11] Brian 
[1] Hwanhee
[24] Heechul <3
[45] Super Junior






OMG...that just took more than an hour... excluding upload time.. gahhhh.. crazy. G.
3rd-Sep-2007 05:59 pm - Epik High
Chae Yeon sexay

3rd-Sep-2007 05:55 pm - A Multi fandom icons post
Chae Yeon sexay

Chae Yeon [44]
Suju [14]
DBSK [26]
Others [11]


3rd-Sep-2007 05:50 pm - It's Heechul turn
Chae Yeon sexay
Heechul... My fav guy .. <333


3rd-Sep-2007 02:36 pm - ChangMin's Icons
Chae Yeon sexay
First icons spam is the adorkable Shim ChangMin of DBSK

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