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25th-Jul-2008 01:28 am - Header/Banner sorta things

wow, it's been awhile, how are you guys doing?? :DD

I need to get back onto photoshop.. I fail .. !!! I made some headers. 

Comments are appreciated ♥

[1] Big Bang
[2] ChangMin
[1] DBSK
[1] Heechul & Hankyung


22nd-Mar-2008 10:52 am - Ringtones
Chae Yeon sexay
Since  I made these out of a request, I'll post it here as well so just in case someone wants it. XD


Big Bang - So Beautiful 
   ♥ [MF] Hook 
   ♥ [MF] Chorus [YoungBae's Part, link fixed]
   ♥ [MF] endchorus

Ipod Videos

[MF] SS501 - Deja Vu MV 

9th-Mar-2008 03:02 am - Updates??? Some icons XD
DBSK: Minnie - move your body
 wow, I haven't update this for so long.. I feel bad.. Lol .. 
not enough time to do anything recently.. so yeah.. *sigh* 

oh well.. i'm just gonna post some random icons that I made before/during/after classes or while being bored.. lol.. not much just couple of them.. XD


7th-Jan-2008 07:29 pm - Ipod format videos
 This will serve as a master list for all the ipod videos that i'm gonna post. In the future, I will only update it in here. You're welcome to take them, and if you have any request, feel free to ask. 

Chae Yeon
 ♥ Han Saram [Mega]
 ♥ My Love [Mega]

Epik High
♣ Fan [Mega]

Super Junior
♦ Heechul - Don't say goodbye [Mega
♦ HeeChul OX pref w-X-Mas [
♦ Don't Don MV [

◘ Leessang - Ballerino ft. Heechul & GeunSuk [Mega]
◘ Magolpy - Bi Haeng So Nyo [Mega]
◘ MC Mong ft kim taewoo - i love you , oh thank you MV [Mega]
◘ Baek Ji Young - Sarang An Hae MV ft. Jung Da Bin [RIP] [Mega]
◘ Seo In Young - I Want You MV [Mega]
◘ Shinhwa - How Do I Say MV [Mega]
◘ SS501 - Coward MV [Mega]
◘ SS501 -  Deja Vu [MF]

note: there will be more, just that I del them of my labtop and it takes long to upload it. x_x 

4th-Jan-2008 02:41 am - Big Bang - How Gee mv
Chae Yeon sexay

I love this mv, it's so ghetto .. LOL...

the first part with SeungRi & Young Bae is so funny.. LMAO

This is in ipod format since I think most people will have ways to dl the mv in its regular format.. so yeah..


4th-Jan-2008 12:28 am - Ringtones
Chae Yeon
OMG O_____O I haven't update this for soooo long... i was trying to do some icons, but i was being too emo.. my icons turned out weird.. so yeah.. 

soooo.. anyway, some ringtones i made while being bored out of my mind... so yeah.. umm.. enjoy & comment XD 

If you need any of them to be upload to a different server, ask away. I'll upload them for you.

7th-Nov-2007 09:50 pm - Suju - Don't Don MV Gif Batch
Chae Yeon sexay
ok, so I said that I'm making the gif a while back and will post it.. totally lying btw. It been what? about a month or so already... LOL.

aniway, school have been getting on my a$$ lately, no life whatsoever. We're just moved also, so more burden added to my shoulder. Our dsl got cut off so we were internet-less for 2 weeks. Well, we just got cable. YAY FOR INTERNET. KAKAKA... Anyway, enough about my life. These are the gif I made, I have some gif (huge one) that I made but I prob won't make them into icons size. Life didn't like me so far, so I can't really spend time doing it. Plus, i guess the thrill is over?? I dunno, I won't make anymore, just wanna post these up. Maybe some of you would want .. i dunno.

aniway, enjoy, comment, and credit... :D 



19th-Oct-2007 02:34 pm - Friends only banners
Chae Yeon
ok, so I totally lied when I said that I will posted up the don't don gif icons after a week of the first batch. Yep, school eats up my personal life. 

I am working on it though..slowly I got like 20 of them done.. hahha.. every time I'm done with one of them I fell asleep.. LOL..I haven't slept properly lately, that's why. I dunno when I'll able to post them. Don't know if anyone still wants them..LOL...

okies, these banners were made a while back. I wanna update this comm once in a while so.. hehe..

Eru, Suju, Bigbang, Battle.


6th-Oct-2007 12:24 am - Soju Fictions
Chae Yeon sexay

Hmmm.. okay, let see.. well couple days ago Nueng opened up a forum for her Fictions.. and i'm just tagging along being admin, graphic slave, and enjoy my power. muahahhaha...anyway, check out the forum. Join us, makes us happy. ^^ ..you can post your stories there, or you can just read and just being there. It's all for fun.

Well, check it out. XD


2nd-Oct-2007 10:21 am - Mobile Ringtones
Chae Yeon sexay
Okay, so I made these a while back for my cell phone. Just posting it up see if anyone wants it.

I was thinking about posting up previews, but well, too much works for me. LOL ....

Enjoy & Comment

All links are mediafire btw. If you need it in another server tell me. 

edit: shoot, I totally put "I'm sorry but I love you" as the title for big bang didn't I .. damn .. It's suppose to be "Lie".. LOL .. sorry, i wasn't thinking when I saved it. LOL... *Fixed (I didn't fix the files' name btw)*


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